arizona professional locksmith associationThe Arizona Professional Locksmith Association was founded by local locksmiths with a desire to help educate and inform the general public. We want to provide a source for potential customers to find local and verified legitimate locksmiths in their area. When you google search Locksmith near me we want the results to be legitamite locksmiths in your area. Recently we have had a massive influx of criminal organizations mascarading as local locksmiths move in to the area and scam people out of hundreds and thousands of dollars.

It is our goal to honestly and ethicaly get our list of Locksmith technicians that have been verified legitimate by our staff out to you, the customer. We have spent countless hours verifying and doing back ground checks on all of the locksmiths on our site. Stopping these scammers and providing excellent and affordable Locksmith services is something we are truly passionate about.